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An anti-speciesist, vulnerable writer, and self-growth geek

Phoenix Huber
5 min readJan 1, 2022


Photo of me visiting Flagstaff, Arizona when it snowed. I lost that black-and-white coat, by the way — don’t know what happened to it!

Hi, I’m Phoenix, a friendly vegan trans girl writer.

Over the past years, I’ve used Medium.com to share my stories and explore ideas in depth. Having a place to be my deeper self has been more liberating than I can describe! But more importantly, I hope my words can contribute to total liberation for all earthlings. And hopefully you enjoy them. Here are some main things to know about me.

Wanting to Be Friends

First, it’s a little hard to be seen online. In person, I can just listen or be more of a mystery, only revealing what’s harmonious with the person I’m talking to, but here on Medium, my secrets are out there forever. I’ve done it partly out of a selfish instinct for transparency, and partly because I wanted to do my part in spreading truth, love, and empowerment.

Mostly, I just wouldn’t want anyone to think we couldn’t be friends because I wrote something somewhere in an old article that you feel is incorrect. I live with that fear, and I try to get over it by thinking of others. Like a My Little Pony character, I wish we could all be friends.

Anti-Speciesism and Loving-Kindness

My top passion is the inclusion of all beings in our care. Our societal norms do not yet question speciesism, but we will get there. Suffering is a big problem for all of us who feel, no matter what type of body or brain we are born into. Ideally, we will work together to prevent and reduce worldwide hurt as best we can—embracing mammals, birds, fishes, and other types of animals as our siblings, who each have a story and who share our vulnerability.

Happiness was always one of my favorite words. It sounds like a nicer focus than “relieving suffering.” However, in many ways, being in a state of happiness or health is the same as simply being free from any major distress. At any rate, I have learned that alleviating the major un-happiness in the world is a uniquely urgent priority. It’s the most meaningful thing I could add to. (Thank you to Magnus Vinding for his book Suffering-Focused Ethics. It clarified a lot.)



Phoenix Huber

Trans girl. Beyond-human ally. I unite with members of my species for all sentient beings. Free hug: uberpath@gmail. Feed me: Ko-fi.com/phxhu