And you don’t know your superpower

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You being yourself is a magnet for people’s stories

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What this vegan thinks of lions

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The sweet guys who accepted my sexuality

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Lie flat and ask yourself, how does your heart feel?

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How does my heart feel?

For the sake of trusting your creativity…

Notes on Veganism

Day 12 of my 100 Days of Social Courage

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If you want more from me, this page will help you find what interests you

Photo of author in her room, sans makeup and flyaways showing. Notice I was using an old dresser and a stack of towels as a standing desk. Oh, and that random shoe in the background… Moving on…



How y’all doin’ tonight?

Oh my gosh, it’s Mona Arizona! (Actually a photo of the author, altered by the app HairstyleLite which gave me this GORGE head o’ brown hair—yeehaw!)

I don’t want to treat you so different based on looks, fame, or success

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It’s not about who people are—it’s about the moments we share

The Moments We Share

How clear are you right now about what you want in your relationships?

Phoenix Huber

Just a vegan trans girl who writes and wishes she could be everyone’s friend. Reach me:

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