And you don’t know your superpower

What’s your superpower?

This question invites you to reflect on your strengths. It makes you think what you can do to create change.

When I was hurting the most or saw suffering around me, I desperately wanted to make a difference. When I was 11, I became impassioned about two…

You being yourself is a magnet for people’s stories

One of the coolest things about being yourself? Your openness may invite others to confide in you their stories.

Transgender feelings followed me around since an early age. As I came out, I read autobiographies like Janet Mock’s Redefining Realness. That didn’t make me a PhD in gender identity struggles…

What this vegan thinks of lions

Many people feel an uneasiness around the death of animals for meat — it’s not just vegans and vegetarians. I recently read this eloquent story by a proud Greek-Italian meat lover, who still had difficulty watching slaughterhouse footage.

Still, in our culture it’s easy to feel absurd for caring about…

The Insomnia Diaries, Chapter 1

Warning: This diary contains mild description of human sexuality. If you do not want to hear details of the author’s sexual existence, do not read. Thank you.

Hello, lovely reader. How I miss writing for you. Medium has been a safe space for my heart and soul, bigger and better…

It’s time to be proud of our sexual digital footprints

Shirtless, boxers showing.

101 Dalmatians electric fence scene.

Skins series 3, episode 10.

This is a tiny sample of the thousands of pornographic searches I made in my youth. Oddly, I had no interest in seeing naked bodies have sex. …

Notes on Veganism

VINE Sanctuary is a wealth of inspiration to care about everyone.

VINE Sanctuary, a wonderful place I learned about years ago, just hosted a virtual book club. Attendees were invited to pick up a book about any type of animal they want to learn about, and come ready to share. The intent was to decenter ourselves as humans, cultivate empathy and…

It has become a monthly ritual of health & compassion

Pig in transport truck being given water by activist.

“Animals First on the Second” is a monthly tradition for people who want to show solidarity with farmed animals. …

The sweet guys who accepted my sexuality

“Don’t get hung up on the jerks.”

I stared at the handwriting in terror. Those were not my words. This was not my ink. Someone had trespassed on my private diary.

They now knew all about my crush on Brogan Saptung, the basketball guy at my middle school who, earlier…


Lie flat and ask yourself, how does your heart feel?

Each day this month, I’ve done a unique meditation. I used to use boredom as an excuse not to meditate, so for now, I am trying/inventing as many different ways to do it as I can. And only for 8 minutes a day, unless I feel like going longer.


Notes on Veganism

Day 12 of my 100 Days of Social Courage

The first time I did vegan activism on a college campus was one of the best days of my life. I felt so alive.

I had grown up a lonely animal lover—and not just a dog and cat fan. I felt like an alien to a surrounding culture that was…

Phoenix Huber

Just a vegan trans girl who writes and wishes she could be everyone’s friend. Reach me:

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