And you don’t know your superpower

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What’s your superpower?

This question invites you to reflect on your strengths. It makes you think what you can do to create change.

When I was hurting the most or saw suffering around me, I desperately wanted to make a difference. When I was 11, I became impassioned about two things — animal rights and gender equality. The passion felt like twin babies that had to be birthed before Death or Lost Opportunity could consume me.

So I grew up grieving slaughterhouses and rigid gender roles. I longed to make some chink of a difference in interwoven struggles. But “impact”…

You being yourself is a magnet for people’s stories

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One of the coolest things about being yourself? Your openness may invite others to confide in you their stories.

Transgender feelings followed me around since an early age. As I came out, I read autobiographies like Janet Mock’s Redefining Realness. That didn’t make me a PhD in gender identity struggles! I still had a lot to learn.

But because I was now visibly trans and a listener type, I was in for some casual education. Friends, family, and strangers on the web honored me with their gender-related confessions.

I learned just how diverse our experiences of gender are.

Things stopped…

What this vegan thinks of lions

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Many people feel an uneasiness around the death of animals for meat — it’s not just vegans and vegetarians. I recently read this eloquent story by a proud Greek-Italian meat lover, who still had difficulty watching slaughterhouse footage.

Still, in our culture it’s easy to feel absurd for caring about the death of animals. Eating meat is so widespread, and has been for so long, that most people simply view it as inevitable.

A common argument vegetarians and vegans run into is that avoiding meat goes against nature. After all, animals eat other animals. Why shouldn’t we? For some reason…

It’s time for me to cancel MYSELF before anybody else does…

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I got inspired to make this post after watching the Canceling video by ContraPoints (Natalie Wynn).

Her videos, although they thoughtfully argue against certain right-wing ideologies, also try to reason with the left-wing extremes. In this case, the middle ground she explores is between:

A) Cancel culture does not exist. Privileged people just can’t handle behind held accountable, so they complain.

B) You can’t make a joke these days. The SJWs are turning the internet + college campuses into a totalitarian regime.

For the record, I feel 100% in support of some canceling, like #MuteRKelly and the career-dumping of serial…

What I do know is I’m unique, and it fascinates me to know how other unique people work

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Late last year, a new friend suggested I might be autistic, or neurodivergent. He himself did not find out that he was till he was an adult, thanks to folks on Instagram who spread awareness of our brain diversity.

At first, I was offended. One of his points was that transgender or gender-diverse people, like me, are more likely to be autistic. (We’re 3–6x more likely, it turns out.) So you can see why I was sensitive to this suggestion. However, I was also having a reaction you could attribute to internalized ableism.

I struggled with being “weird” since childhood…

I trust you to make your money in a beautiful way

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When I was getting certified as a Clear Beliefs Coach, I met other coaches who had a lot of letters of the alphabet after their names. They’d trained in various health modalities, emotional healing techniques, they were certified life coaches... even award-winning poets!

Plus, their personal stories going through recovery and doing the hard work to become their best selves were like extra certifications in and of themselves. The accomplishments and years of wisdom of my peers in the Clear Beliefs training far outshone my own.

Yet, as any solopreneur knows, being qualified isn’t enough. The bottom line of coaching—or…

I wish to make a real contribution, and I wish to be happy

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I am afraid of being a waste of space. Look at you, feeding off other people’s hard work while you party in your room writing articles, my Inner Critic chimes in.

The question of contribution is forever in the back of my mind, unresolved, nagging at me.

But that’s just my lower-level thinking. On a higher level, I know that many people struggle to feel they are doing their part or doing enough. …

Enchanted the Rainbow Unicorn Owl is here to help

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Commentophobia: A fear of checking online comments. Often accompanied by heart palpitations the moment you open social media.

Before I did my first Medium article, already I was bracing myself for the comments. This wasn’t the first time I’d shown my true colors online. Every time I would look back on what I’d posted weeks later and feel SO embarrassed about a criticism I got—or even just the criticism in my own head—that I gave up on my blog or videos. Sometimes I even deleted everything! Then I’d try to forget about my dream, which was to share my real…

I felt misunderstood over how solitary I am. Here’s how I got to a better place.

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A while ago I read an opinion piece that suggested the words introvert and extrovert are overused. That they’re not really that helpful. However, as someone on the extreme end of the solitude-prone spectrum, I beg to differ! It is useful to have a word that sums up this aspect of my personality. I struggled with it every day growing up and I still do. My mom, dad, and two sisters were more on the introverted side as well and they had their own struggles. Yet compared to them, I was a different breed entirely.

In kindergarten I was taught…

Dear Ben Franklin, I hope to finally have an abundant money mindset

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I’ve been horrid at taking care of my finances. I’m in no position to give advice. However, I keep hearing ideas about how to better relate to money. I think these ideas will eventually help me succeed, so I’m going out on a limb here and sharing them with you.

We’ll get into more specifics, but the idea is just to realize: You can make money a positive thing for you, now. Even if it hasn’t been in the past. Even if capitalism sucks and screws people over. Money is a multifaceted thing with a plethora of possible uses. …

Phoenix Huber

Just a vegan trans girl who writes and wishes she could be everyone’s friend. Reach me:

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