Envision a more loving and attentive version of yourself.

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If I were more altruistic, I’d spend less time checking my phone. And my stats page. And my hair in the mirror. It is usually a background worry about myself that drives me to instant gratification.

In general, I’d feel less need to self-soothe and self-distract. Instead, I’d invest more hours beyond my comfort range — with others’ wellbeing in mind.

Two months ago I started a blog. Love Everyone, I called it, “the altruism diary of a recovering selfish person.” …


I hope to be a 5-star human

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Many of us have experienced the rating systems of ride apps like Uber and Lyft. Living in Arizona, my name became a joke in 2016 when I worked as “Phoenix Huber the Phoenix Uber driver.”

I just had to ensure my driving wasn’t a joke — and stay above 4.6 stars. Bribing passengers with free gum wasn’t going to cut it.

Pressure to measure up follows us many places besides work — school, social media, even family. With humans constantly watching to see how well you do, it got me thinking… What if animals left you a review?

There’s less accountability in our relationships with animals. (Maybe unless you’re a professional animal caretaker?) We generally don’t feel anywhere near the same social pressure to treat animals with high standards. …

An increasingly simple poem about setting shorter goals

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Photo by Bess Hamiti on Pexels

I wanted the world
Nay, the universe!
My desk drawers overspilled with scrolls of goals
Lengthy as the Great Wall of China
That declared I’d fix all my dents
Starting with anxiety, approval-seeking, and avoidance
Ending with zaniness, zeal, and zigzagging through life
Because I couldn’t properly enjoy mine
Until I was free from all suffering

The goal scrolls went on to describe
How I would quit — absolutely everything
Cease watching TV, that damned talking screen
Time to give up sugar, junk food, and gassy canned beans
No more brooding about the past, like when I was fifteen
Stop googling male celebrities with a mind quite obscene
At least I’d never had any issue with caffeine
But my poor sleep habits would need to get the…

#3: Cauliflower milk. Just kidding! There is no cauliflower milk. (Hopefully.)

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“Kale Yeah I’m Vegan.” So says a T-shirt you’ll find on Cafepress.

Another reads, “I want tofu.” (Don’t think about that one too hard.)

It’s true, certain foods get associated with vegans — quinoa and nutritional yeast too — although they are enjoyed by people of all dietary affiliations.

When people do go plant-based, they may fear giving up their favorite flavors and textures. Cheese is said to be the hardest (if you’re not a quesophobe like me). But the flip side is you often discover countless new delicacies.

Here are 7 foods I never ate growing up until I discovered them on my meatless path. …

What to do when the topic you really want to write about gets fewer eyeballs

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Photo by Cassiano Psomas on Unsplash

As creatives, we know the feeling: authenticity, or views?

If you believe your art has a generally good impact, then it makes sense that 500 views beats 50. Yet, we run into conundrums as we try to reach more people. Ideas of how to slay a headline start to compete with our pure creativity.

Have you ever seen a headline that felt like the writer was jumping up and down 10 inches in front of you screaming, “Pick me, click me!”?

Sorry, that was probably me.

Kidding! I’m usually not that clickbaitish. For the most part, I try to make every piece I write provide the type of experience that would please me if I were reading it… more gentle than jarring, more informative than provocative. …


The things a silly transgender girl does to keep herself entertained

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Photo by Craventure Media on Unsplash

If you’re new and wondering what the bleep you just clicked on, welcome to my 7-day chakra play experiment!

No, I’m not a life coach soliciting you to sign up for my something-or-other for only $599.99. (I tried to be a life coach once and failed miserably.) Now I’m just a goofy, playful trans girl who shares my self-growth in a public diary. You can take from this whatever you wish.

Chakras are joyful. They give me an imaginative way to connect with each part of my body and to look after my holistic health. For the week starting on January 18th, I wanted to stay more aware of my chakras. …


Time to cast “Alohomora” on every one of my energy centers

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Photo by Max Andrey on Unsplash

My weirdest headline yet, but it’s accurate. I’m a transgender woman who is as spacey as an asteroid. At least, I was when I wrote Confessions of a Terribly Absentminded Trans Girl.

I had been feeling SO embarrassed that day by my clumsy, forgetful mistakes around the house. So I vented to my diary (yes, my public diary). I channeled all that irritation into self-deprecation. I made fun of myself.

And it worked! I felt better immediately. Re-reading the diary months later, it gave me such a good belly laugh.

It’s great when we can laugh at ourselves. I believe it plays a role in my recovery from bullying. Sensitivity is in my DNA, yet my relationship with criticsm gets playful when I can be my own critic and love it. …

Animal Anecdote

How gaming can lead to making real-world impacts

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Image by Elena Rogulina from Pixabay

Jumping out of an air balloon, the daredevil Puppyblew arcs across the blue sky. He begins to plummet, straight down through a dangerous maze of fluffy white clouds and evil Faeries who try to attack! All the while collecting different-colored numerals that go higher and higher and higher!

Yes, this is a video game. Colorful numbers are allowed to just be hovering in the sky!

Ms. Uberpath, elite gamer reporting for duty, must control this Puppyblew’s aerial path and maximize the acquisition of Points. Ahh, yes, Points — what every gamer is obsessed with.

Luckily, Uber knows a few tricks. She wobble-dances her fingers across the arrow keys while tapping the bejeezus out of that spacebar! Ignoring beads of sweat that form on her temples, Uberpath snags every gem and presses the ‘P’ key to release the parachute at exactly the right time, 91.5 seconds after launch — yes! …

It’s easier to be present when I’m at peace with where my supper comes from

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Cute squirrel eating colorful… uhh, is that fruit? Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash.

I connected a vegan lifestle with mindful eating when I read The World Peace Diet. This book, by Will Tuttle, argues the far-reaching implications of eating animals. He says meat, dairy, and egg consumption not only puts animals through grief, but affects people psychologically and spiritually.

For example, it is more unpleasant to think about slaughterhouses than about work happening in fields or in orchards. On some level, an animal lover who is eating a steak has an incentive NOT to be mindful. To distract herself from the sorrow she might otherwise feel.

Could eating animals contribute to a more distracted, conflicted culture? Could plant-based plates help us be kinder, happier within our own species? …

This may be an unpopular opinion among my left-wing peers

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Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

It wasn’t just theatre school, San Francisco, or the media that made me frustrated with certain aspects of a staunch left-wing outlook on life. When I wrote 3 Liberal Things that Annoy Me as a Liberal, I was also thinking of the animal rights movement.

A 2018 Gallop poll said there were 5.5 vegetarian liberals for every 1 veg conservative. The ratio for vegans was 2.5 to 1. Moderates, too, were far less likely to be veg*n than those of us on the left. (Note: This data is for the United States. …


Phoenix Huber

An effusive trans girl, I love making life joyful and kind! This month I celebrate Veganuary with 31 articles for the animals. Beep me at uberpath@gmail.com.

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