What this vegan thinks of lions

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Many people feel an uneasiness around the death of animals for meat — it’s not just vegans and vegetarians. I recently read this eloquent story by a proud Greek-Italian meat lover, who still had difficulty watching slaughterhouse footage.

Still, in our culture it’s easy to feel absurd for caring about the death of animals. Eating meat is so widespread, and has been for so long, that most people simply view it as inevitable.

A common argument vegetarians and vegans run into is that avoiding meat goes against nature. After all, animals eat other animals. Why shouldn’t we? For some reason…


6 funny things folks said to me when they had no freaking clue about my gender

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I’m a transgender girl who listens more than talks. Because of this, I seem to be a magnet for people’s gender-related secrets.

But before I list the funniest confessions people told me, I should warn you about something.

Indecency warning: This article contains sexual references. The worst of which are references to my 2-week trial as a “professional phone escort.”

I took those calls, by the way, from a Tempe, AZ apartment complex that shoulda been called “Cockroach Towers.” One time I caught two cockroaches getting hanky-panky above the bathroom door. Eww.

(Honest version: Anyone with the last name Huber…

Why saying “nevermore” has been the easiest way to change my life — and it works

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I’ve struggled my whole life with moderation. I wish it were easy to tell myself when to stop, how much to have, or to what degree I can indulge before no more.

It isn’t. It should be, but somehow I end up justifying “Just one more bowl of vegetables” and “Tomorrow I’ll go to bed early again.” I don’t realize the faults in my logic till it’s literally too late… 4am and I’m comatose from too much cauliflower.

Look, I know some of you probably envy that I overeat on vegetables, but it’s still a problem if you’re me!


Ever feel pressure to use BetterHelp but don’t want to? Let’s trade notes.

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I’m glad for our ability to do therapy. Mental healthcare is life-saving and it constantly grows and gets better. I’m also happy to see stigma turn into greater acceptance of our diverse mental challenges and their treatments.

When I had a bout of depression earlier this year, a few people suggested whether I wanted to seek therapy. Because psychotherapy is well-loved, I struggled to articulate why not. Surely seeing a therapist is always the reasonable, responsible thing to do when you realize you’ve become blue?

I wanted to clarify, first to myself and then to you, my reasons for not…

And now I found a book that is helping me focus on preventing suffering

Darn, I wanted to be Black Widow! But this was the only stock photo I could find. By Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash.

A much more common example of extreme suffering, indeed something that occurs every second of every day, is being eaten alive—a process that can sometimes last several hours with the victim still fully conscious of being devoured.

I’m reading Suffering-Focused Ethics by Magnus Vinding. This book talks philosophically about why we should focus on preventing suffering, especially the worst forms of it. The chapter I quoted from gives some examples:

  • A teen girl was kidnapped by four teen boys in 1988. She was repeatedly raped, beaten, burned, and mutilated. …

6 not-so-nice names I try to avoid calling anyone

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Namecalling hurts. That doesn’t mean I’ve never done it. When I’m super irked, I’m tempted to whip out an A word, or a J word. Alternatively, I could just use Intellisult.com to call someone “a devilishly ignorant twit and a flagrant enema-addicted malfunctioning little twerp!” 😱

Luckily, I rarely ever get to that point these days.

I was taught as a child not to attack anyone with bad words. These words may be indecent, discriminatory, or both. My school had a program called Character Counts where we learned “the 6 Pillars of Characters.” …

Animal Cruelty | Perspective

Sadly, her life was lost to a useless animal experiment.

Photo by Leonardo Yip on Unsplash

*Trigger warning: animal cruelty*

When I first learned about vivisection, I didn’t know even cats and dogs are can be tested on in a laboratory… in the United States of all places. Here, dogs are cats are usually considered worthy of a good life and protection from violence—begging the question of why we don’t expect such mercy for all animals.

Double Trouble” was the name given to a female orange tabby cat, who had lived in a lab at the Uni of Wisconsin-Madison. During a surgery, researchers cut into the cat’s skull. Then they put poison down the ears to…

Start a “When was the last time I _____?” list.

Photo by Maria Luísa Queiroz on Unsplash

In Michelle Obama’s book Becoming, she describes the “Boot Camp” weekends she had during her time as First Lady. Every few months, she’d summon close friends to Camp David. They’d excuse themselves from their busy family and work lives with a “Sorry, everyone, I’m doing this one for me.

When was the last time you talked with a friend for hours?

When was the last time you had a day overflowing with fitness, spent in nature, or a day to do nothing but rest?

“When was the last time I _____?” is what I consider when I’m feeling like a…


I personified my creativity to see what it had to say

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I grew up believing my art form of choice—writing—came from me. My mindset was individualistic. It was competitive.

By comparison, you can imagine your creativity stems from an outside “force.” The ancient Greeks, for instance, had their 9 Muses—goddesses who were said to inspire the popular art forms of the day,

Calliope was the Muse responsible for epic poetry. Urania was the force behind astronomy. Perhaps if modern society had such icons, we’d call upon Technope the DJing goddess, and Netflixia, the Muse of film & TV production!

Here’s what I notice so far from imagining my creativity has a…

I now practice “self-consent” to be sexually happier

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash.

From an early age, masturbation was shrouded in shame. This was a huge obstacle to me becoming sexually happy.

I don’t know what happened. Maybe an adult scolded me for self-touching when I was 4. All I remember is being 5 and in my bedroom, thinking about famous baseball players while scratch-a-scratch. My mom walked in to check on me. She thought my hot sweaty forehead meant I had a fever…

I knew that what I had just been doing was a deep, dark, shameful secret.

In middle school, I was teased for being presumably gay or trans, based on…

Phoenix Huber

I am an effusive Pollyanna and vegan trans woman. My passion is to be kind to all kinds.

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